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Registration FAQ

This page is designed to answer frequently asked questions about registration.

About Registration Categories

  1. How can I register for just the Friday lecture?
    (updated May 7th) There will be limited number of seats available for members of the public to attend the Creating Connections public keynote on the evening of Friday, May 10th. At 4 pm, we will be giving out numbered standby tickets for these seats. Each person can pick up up to 4 tickets. Public keynote tickets do not include admission to the conference reception. Doors for the public keynote will be open to standby ticket holders at 5:10pm. Doors will close at 5:20pm; no late entrance is allowed. Creating Connections is committed to having at least twenty-five seats available in the lecture for the general public, on a first-come, first-served basis. Further announcements will be made through the WWEST blog, @WWESTubc and @connections2013 Twitter accounts, and the WWEST Digest email list. Although we would love to accommodate all of the requests we have received, we are limited by our lecture hall capacity.
  2. How can I register for just the Friday reception?
    (updated April 29) We are expecting to reach full capacity for the conference in the near future. Because of this we will not be able to sell reception-only tickets to the at the door. Those interested in attending the opening reception (and other conference events and lectures) should register for the full conference ahead of time.
  3. Can I register just for one part of the conference? I am only interested in a specific keynote.
    Unfortunately, our limiting factor in overall conference participation is the keynote lectures, so we are not able to offer keynote-only registration. As every registration for Creating Connections is heavily subsidized by the support of our sponsors, we wish to ensure that the maximum benefit of the conference is realized. There are wonderful speakers and engagement opportunities throughout the day, and we encourage you to participate fully.

About the Registration Form

  1. What is a Connect/Reconnect Group track?
    A Connect/Reconnect Group is a networking group that will meet twice during the conference. Groups are assigned based on themes/tracks. You should pick the track you are most interested in – no experiencee required. For more information, visit the Session Types page.
  2. Why am I being asked to select a Connect Group experience level?
    To provide the best possible networking environment, we want to ensure groups have a diversity of experiences within each theme. Your selection on this question will help ensure this diversity.
  3. What is the commitment to be a moderator for a Connect/Reconnect group?
    Moderators for each Connect/Reconnect group will be selected in advance from among the participants in each group. Moderators will receive a brief training document, and are responsible for facilitating a conversation, ensuring everyone who wishes to speak has the opportunity, and for posing conversation topics if necessary. We also request that moderators take some brief, general notes about the discussion that takes place for reporting purposes. This is an excellent opportunity for both emerging and experienceed leaders and facilitators. Moderators have no additional duties during the conference, and must be registered conference participants (there are no fee discounts).
  4. Why am I being asked for my sector? How is it different from my Connect Group Theme?
    While the Connect Group is related to your area of interest, the Sector is a demographics field for reporting purposes. Please select the sector closest to your field of work or study. If you do not wish to indicate your sector, or do not feel that you are affiliated to a sector at this time, please select “Other” and indicate “N/A.” This field does not appear on nametags.
  5. Why am I being asked for my SET demographic?
    Your affiliation with science, engineering, technology, or education is useful for anonymized demographic reporting to supporters of the conference. You may choose to select “Other” and indicate “N/A” if you do not wish to report. This field does not appear on nametags.
  6. Why am I being asked for my “Role” demographic?
    Your current study/work status is useful for anonymized demographic reporting to supporters of the conference, and to ensure we are accurately reflecting the demographics of attendees when selecting future conference topics. You may choose to select “Other” and indicate “N/A” if you do not wish to report. This field does not appear on nametags.
  7. Why am I being asked for my “Region” demographic? Can’t you determine this by my address?
    Your current region is useful for anonymized demographics reporting to supporters of the conference, including NSERC. We ask for you to specifically select a region as mailing addresses do not always reflect where one works or studies. You may choose to select “Other” and indicate “N/A” if you do not wish to report. This field does not appear on nametags.
  8. What am I supposed to write for the Affiliation lines on my nametag?
    You may select anything you choose (within wordcount and professionalism limitations) to include on your nametag below your name. Examples of affiliation choices people have made in the past include:

    • Job title (eg, Project Manager);
    • Company (eg, ABC Corp.);
    • Sector (eg, Forestry);
    • Broad area (eg, Engineering);
    • Professional titles or degrees (eg, B.Sc. Microbiology or P.Geo.);
    • Non-profit affiliations (eg, SCWIST);
    • Region (eg, Prince George);
    • Institution attended (eg, Undergraduate at UVic);
    • Undeclared (eg, write “.” or “-“).
  9. What will my contact information be used for?
    We will use your contact information to contact you about the conference and any directly related communication. All information is collected on servers located in Canada, and use of your information complies with the policies of the University of British Columbia and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If you consent to sign up for our newsletter, you name and email information will be transferred to the WWEST mailing list database, which complies with the same policies. If you consent for your information to be shared with the 2015 organizers, it will be transferred to them when the hosts are confirmed.
  10. What will the consent of image form look like?
    You can preview the consent for use of image form here.

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